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MicroZed Industry 4.0 Ethernet Kit

NOTICE - while this kit is obsolete, the individual boards are still available.

Avnet’s MicroZed Industry 4.0 Ethernet Kit is a versatile platform for industrial networking applications that are always deterministic, have zero downtime, yet maintain flexibility to keep pace with changing protocol standards.

Codenamed I4EK, this 3-port Ethernet platform (2 control, plus 1 enterprise) is for developers who want to start prototyping immediately with any of the following protocols.

  •  HSR/PRP
  •  EtherCAT
  •  Powerlink
  •  Profinet RT/IRT
  •  EtherNet/IP
  •  Modbus-TCP

The silicon technology that enables I4EK is the Xilinx Zynq-7000™ SoC. This all-in-one device brings together software programmability, real-time processing, and programmable hardware offloading.

Avnet’s MicroZed 7020 SOM combines the Zynq SoC, flash and DDR3 memory, a robust power architecture, plus USB and Ethernet ports. These features are brought together in a compact system-on-module intended for quick prototype, yet MicroZed is also rugged and meant for deployment in your end application, even within industrial temperature environments.

With proven IP, pre-built designs, and a deployable reference platform, your steps from concept to production are reduced.

  1.  Evaluate the Zynq SoC and IP performance using the I4EK’s MicroZed SOM
  2.  Prototype your system using best-in-class IP, software APIs, and drivers
  3.  Deploy your end product with the MicroZed SOM plus your customizations
  4.  Multi-protocol Industrial Ethernet with HMS

Designers using the I4EK can quickly evaluate HMS Anybus® IP which provides the most widely used Industrial Ethernet protocols with a unified API. The result is seamless hardware and software integration across networks. Protocol support includes EtherCAT®, Powerlink, PROFINET® RT/IRT, EtherNet/IP™, and Modbus-TCP.

No startup fees for evaluation and development. Deployed products are licensed with a tiny 1-wire security chip. To get started, register on the HMS website to download the demo software and getting started guide.

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HSR/PRP Zero Downtime with SoC-e

Building reliable networks with zero-downtime just got easier. Avnet partnered with SoC-e and Xilinx to create a prototype platform for networks using HSR and PRP protocols.

Unfamiliar with these protocols?

Read the new co-authored technical article published.

Industry 4.0 and Industrial IoT (IIoT) systems rely on robust communication networks. Protocols such as HSR (High-availability Seamless Redundancy) and PRP (Parallel Redundancy Protocol) ensure high availability for networks on critical infrastructure, offering zero-delay recovery time and no frames lost in the case of a network failure.

Download the reference design to evaluate HSR/PRP IP, connecting the I4EK to your PC or plug it into your existing system to quickly test compatibility.

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MicroZed Industry 4.0 Ethernet Kit - Front Board
MicroZed Industry 4.0 Ethernet Kit - Front Angle Board
MicroZed Industry 4.0 Ethernet Kit - Side Ports
MicroZed Industry 4.0 Ethernet Kit Diagram

What's included

MicroZed 7020 SOM
ISM Networking Module II
MicroZed FMC Carrier
JTAG HS3 High Speed Xilinx Programming Cable
micro SD card
Ethernet and USB cables
12V power supply
Quick Start Card
EtherCAT reference design