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7-inch Zed Touch Display Kit

The 7-inch Zed Touch Display Kit provides engineers with everything needed to develop products with interactive GUIs and touchscreen capabilities. The kit combines an 800 x 480 WVGA TFT-LCD display with an industrial projective capacitive touch sensor, I2C-based touch controller, LED backlight supply and all the necessary cables. The touch display easily connects to the ZedBoard™, MicroZed™ with compatible carrier, PicoZed™ with compatible carrier, or Zynq® Mini-ITX through the standard DisplayPort cable and adapter cards included with the kit. The projected capacitive touch overlay provides enhanced touch ruggedness which is suitable for outdoor or industrial environments.

Part Change Notification:

  • -Part Number: AES-ALI2-ZED-G has been replaced by AES-ALI3-ZED-G.



  •  -Output to integrated 7” WVGA display
     - Provides benefits of Avnet PCAP touch solution
  •  -Touch overlay capabilities
     - Single finger touch
     - Up to 6 mm glass panel thickness
     - Suitable for high humidity environment
     - Supports industrial requirements
     - Water rejection and immunity

Enhanced Features:

  • -More tightly integrated touch solution where the projected capacitive (PCAP) touch controller is now integrated with the ITO sensor.
  • -New mechanical mounting enclosure couples the display, touch overlay, and adapter board into a more rugged assembly than the previous generation kit.  Mechanical 3D model for this enclosure is available to customers as a potential starting point or reference for their own product enclosure design.
  • -Migration to more compact Mini DisplayPort connector format for display adapter boards.
  • -Updated reference design tutorials available for download from community website.
Avnet 7-inch PCAP Touch Overlay and PCAP Controller (on LCD Assembly)
ALI3 Sharp7 Adapter (on LCD Assembly)
Zed LCD Interface

Introduction to 7" Zed Touch Display Kit

What's included

7-inch LCD display assembly
Sharp LQ070Y3LG4A 7-inch WVGA TFT-LCD with LVDS and LED
Avnet 7-inch Projected Capacitive (PCAP) Touch Overlay
PCAP Controller Board
ALI3 Sharp7 Adapter
Zed LCD Interface
Standard DisplayPort to Mini DisplayPort Cable
12V power supply
Mechanical Mounting Enclosure and Stands
Getting Started Instructions